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British Judo Trust

The Trust has focused on providing grants to young people to assist them in attaining their full potential at all levels of judo. Often these young people come from family backgrounds with limited resources and the Trust is able to play a pivotal role in the development of these young people. In exceptional circumstances, the Trust has also assisted clubs with specific projects.

Over the past year we have given in excess of twenty grants to self-funding athletes and clubs. The much needed grants go towards helping athletes buy the IJF Judogi, or to help fund the cost of attending international competitions and camps. We can do more but we need your support, please give generously to help support our athletes reach their full potential.



“Without the support of the British Judo Trust I would not be able to attend vitally important Olympic qualification events in Australia, China and Korea. The costs of self-funding events to achieve my dream are huge. Without the generous support I received by the trust, it would have been extremely hard to attend these events. As an athlete with the dream of being Olympic champion I have no choice but to self-fund and I am forever grateful for the grant I received from the trust. It was a big help to send me on my way.”

Megan Fletcher – GB Senior Squad

“As an unfunded member of the British team, the British Judo Trust has helped me to get to major tournaments and training camps, which were essential for my development. It is incredibly difficult to keep up a high standard judo whilst studying full time and being unfunded. Financially, this charity has helped me massively, thank you British Judo Trust for allowing me to reach up to my potential.”

Julia Scardone – GB Senior Squad